Why Generation 23:00?

What is Generation 23:00 all about? To be blunt, what is the point?

To give an equally blunt answer, because the Bible says we’re in the last hour.


  • Generation = this generation alive now
  • 23:00 = the last hour before the next day comes

Little children, it is the last hour…

1 John 2:18

But the “last hour” before what?

To be very general, that would be what the Bible describes as “The Day of the Lord.” This day of the Lord is both a literal day and a series of events leading up to and surrounding that literal “Day.”

The literal Day is when Jesus Christ comes back to earth, stands on the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem, and sits on the throne of David to reign as the King of kings during the Millennium.

I’ll try to give you a very rushed and un-detailed overview of the events of this last hour – please keep in mind that I’m not 100% sure of the exact order, except for the Rapture at the beginning and Christ’s second coming at the end:

  • It begins with the Rapture of the church to Christ in the clouds where He takes us to heaven.
  • Then there is the battle of Gog (and Magog) with Israel, when God defeats the invading army.
  • Then The Antichrist will arise and bring peace to the earth, beginning the last “week” (aka 7 years) of Daniel, a.k.a. the Tribulation. He confirms a covenant with Israel and they are allowed to build another temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. It seems Israel will also see him as their promised Messiah – until he stands in the temple and commands Israel to worship him as God.
  • Then the “great Tribulation” begins, when Israel flees to the desert for 3 1/2 years while the Antichrist persecutes them as they’ve never been persecuted before.
  • While much of this is happening, God will be pouring out His judgments (all of which are found in Revelation) on an unrepentant rebellious world.
  • At last Christ will come and rescue Israel and throw Satan, the Antichrist and the false prophet into the lake of fire, and begins His reign of perfect righteousness!

So, that is when the next hour strikes – but how do we know we’re in the “last hour” now? What are these last few “minutes” we’re seeing tick by?


That’s what Generation 23:00 is all about! I’m going to look at the Bible and the prophecies in it, and at the events going on the world that are setting the stage for these events of The Day.

Here are a few of the “ticks” in brief that are happening as we speak:

  • The glaring, lights-flashing, in-your-face event is the existence of the country of Israel! There are SO MANY prophecies that are being fulfilled right now in Israel – it’s almost ridiculous… and definitely exciting!
  • Others include the absence of America in Bible prophecy, alliances in the Middle East, the pandemic of error sweeping through the church, the centrality of Europe and the Roman Empire, the world coming together to eventually form a one-world economy, government and religion, and more things along those lines.

All of these things tie into Bible prophecy as pieces that must fall into place before The Day approaches and the clock strikes midnight.

Published by ambassadoranna

My grandpa went to be with the Lord – My family's always been interested in Bible prophecy – So we all looked for hope in the rapture of the church, when we would see him again. And, boy, do world events seem to be lining up with Bible prophecy more than ever before! (Except when Jesus came the first time, 2,000 years ago.) It was always my mom who was interested in Bible prophecy and Israel and the events of Revelation and Daniel. In my Bible study, I've always focused almost exclusively on the New Testament truths of how free is our salvation through faith in Christ alone, and the unshakable identity we receive in Him. And, honestly, other things have claimed my attention throughout most of my Christian life... But now! The future promises of God to Israel, the Church and the world are MIND BLOWING – and they are just on the verge of HAPPENING! I can't get enough of Middle East news and what the Bible says about it, and what God tells us about His chosen witnesses: Israel and the Church. The "last hour" of 1 John looks like it is in it's last few minutes... Are we ready?

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